🍷 Bright Cellars Review & Taste Test: Is This Personalized Wine Club That Good?

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Take a peek at our Bright Cellars review for a full look at the ultimate personalized wine delivery service. Bright Cellars was created by 2 MIT grads and works by comparing 18 wine attributes to your specific tastes to match you to wines you'd enjoy. The process is quick, intuitive, and super convenient. You can add on a cheese pairing, get a regular subscription to keep the bottles coming, swap out wine when needed, and rate your wines to hone in your matches even closer with each delivery. It's a new age of wine enjoyment, and we're here for it.


0:00 Intro to Bright Cellars Review
0:24 Unboxing Bright Cellars
2:06 About Bright Cellars & How It Works
2:59 Taste Test Bright Cellars Wine Review
7:19 Bright Cellars Review Conclusion


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