👨‍✈️✈️👨‍✈️ VATSIM: Multicrew Flight! | Stuttgart to Hamburg - FULL ATC!! | IFR Flight Example


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A semi-tutorial video showing you how to perform a flight on the VATSIM network, in this case with two pilots! Flying from Stuttgart (EDDS) in the south of Germany to Hamburg (EDDH) in the north. The 2nd pilot is new to the Boeing 737 and gets a feeling of what it's like to fly it! He is also a ground controller at Amsterdam on VATSIM.

This video was recorded on April 7, 2016. A big thanks to VATSIM Germany for providing a wonderful and professional ATC service!


Chapters (in order to go directly to a certain radiotransmission/procedure):

- Introduction and Flight Information: 0:00
- Patreon Thank You: 3:02
- Stuttgart ATIS: 3:45
- Radiocheck & Problems: 7:30
- Departure briefing: 9:15
- Flightplan/Startup clearance: 9:52
- Pushback clearance: 12:18
- Taxi clearance: 16:20
- Lining up: 23:53
- Departure clearance: 24:48
- Contacting Langen Radar: 26:32
- Contacting other Longen Radar: 31:22
- Arrival Briefing: 38:28
- Handoff to Bremen Radar: 40:54
- Arrival briefing (cont): 41:41
- Personal Flight Attendant: 45:09
- Descending: 45:52
- Real Flight vs Our Flight: 51:15
- Handoff to next Bremen Radar: 52:15
- Vectoring ILS runway 23: 53:00
- Handoff to Tower: 59:14
- Landing clearance: 1:00:34
- Landing: 1:04:01
- Handoff to Ground: 1:05:41
- Taxi clearance to gate: 1:06:45
- Shutdown: 1:11:02
- Outro, links & info: 1:11:47


All charts in this video are retrieved from the VATSIM Germany website:


- Aerosoft Stuttgart X
- Aerosoft German Airports 3 - Hamburg
- Ultimate Terrain Europe
- Real Environment Xtreme
- Active Sky Evolution
- iFly Boeing 737-700 (D-ABLC)

All FS2004!


- VatMap:

- RemoteFlight COMM:

- Flightradar24

This video was recorded using Fraps at half-size (960 x 540). Note that this has decreased the videoquality, but it makes sure that the video has enough frames for a smooth flying experience for both me and you as the viewer.

The VATSIM network is an online network where pilots can make their online flights, while air traffic controllers guide them during the flight. The VATSIM network is a professional flying network that aims for a realistic flying experience.


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