Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross (ENG) - Test Drive and Review

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross may sound like that 1990s sports car, but it is in fact yet another crossover. It slots between Mitsubishi's two other crossovers - ASX and Outlander. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Unlike ASX and Outlander, Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross does evoke reactions. Some people compare it a Pontiac Aztek (i.e. it’s ugly), others appreciate modern design, which is like a fresh breeze in an otherwise somewhat stale Mitsubishi model lineup. I wouldn’t go as far as to praise Eclipse Cross’ design, but I see what the designers wanted to achieve. Put it next to a Toyota C-HR, and you’ll see Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross could have been the cool one, but it was a couple of months late to the party, and prospective buyers got themselves Toyotas.

Starting price: 18990 EUR
As tested: 23 000 EUR

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