Bethesda FINALLY Does The Right Thing For Ripped Off Power Armour Edition Owners

Lamon Gamon are back peeps!!!!

Bethesda has finally delivered on their promise of the canvas bag for the Fallout 76: Power Armor Edition...



DICE Celebrates Failed BFV Launch By Demonising Gamers...Again.

'Sad and Pathetic' - Bethesda's Latest Move Is Their Scummiest Yet

Battlefield V Retail Sales Down 50% vs Battlefield One

World First 0/10 Score For Fallout 76, Right Here On Laymen Gaming!

Revealed: Diablo 4 Rebooted! Staff Leaving Over Activision's Influence, Warcraft Pokemon Go?!?

Yong vs Jason Schreier Podcast Did Not Have A Happy Ending

Lawbreakers Dev Cliffy B Announces PERMANENT Retirement From Games

PlayStation Announces They're Too Cool For E3

The Game Nominations Are Missing Some Big Titles...

EA is FINALLY Getting What They Deserve - A Spanking From Banking

Activisions Plans To Monetise Destiny 2 Further After Poor Performance


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